Most Popular Cafes of 2012

As we kick off another big year in coffee, we thought it would be fun to look at what were the most popular cafes on Beanhunter in 2012. These aren’t necessarily the highest rated, but the cafes that were the most popular by our users. So we crunched a heap of data (like the number of reviews, pageviews, favourites, photos, and much more) and you can see the results below. Perhaps the best resolution for 2013 would be to visit them all!

25 MOST POPULAR Cafes (all from Australia!)

  1. Dandelion & Driftwood (Brisbane)
  2. Proud Mary (Melbourne)
  3. Coffee Alchemy (Sydney)
  4. Canteen Coffee (Gold Coast)
  5. No Name Lane (Gold Coast)
  6. Cartel Roasters (Geelong)
  7. The Good Bean Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)
  8. The Baron Coffee Shop and Small Bar (Sydney)
  9. Axil Coffee Roasters (Melbourne)
  10. The Birds & The Beans Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)
  11. Brother Baba Budan (Melbourne)
  12. Cup Specialty Coffee (Brisbane)
  13. Black Coffee Lyrics (Gold Coast)
  14. Dose (Sydney)
  15. Clandestino Roasters (Sunshine Coast)
  16. Seven Seeds (Melbourne)
  17. One Penny Black (Newcastle)
  18. Oak Room (Melbourne)
  19. Bean Drinking (Sydney)
  20. Dead Man Espresso (Melbourne)
  21. Blackboard Coffee (Gold Coast)
  22. Elk Espresso (Gold Coast)
  23. Barefoot Barista (Gold Coast)
  24. Cup of Truth (Melbourne)
  25. Dark Horse Espresso (Newcastle)

Amongst the 25 most popular cafes, almost half roast their own beans. There were also some common names amongst the Top 25 that roast for other cafes, including Seven Seeds (Melbourne), Blackstar (West End, Brisbane), Cartel (Geelong), Axil (Melbourne), and Cup (West End, Brisbane) featuring more than once. With regards to equipment manufacturers of espresso machines, La Marzocco was the most frequent (almost half of the the top 25) with Synesso following a close second. There were a few Slayers thrown in for good measure too! Internationally, here’s the ten most popular:

10 MOST POPULAR International Cafes

  1. Anomali Coffee (Bali)
  2. Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar (Singapore)
  3. Knockbox Coffee Company (Hong Kong)
  4. Toby’s Estate Singapore (Singapore)
  5. Coutume Cafe (Paris)
  6. Flat White (London)
  7. Kaffeine (London)
  8. Cafe Corridor (Hong Kong)
  9. Grind On High (Auckland)
  10. Grind Coffee Bar (London)

TOP 10 MOST POPULAR Cities in the World for Coffee

  1. Melbourne
  2. Brisbane
  3. Sydney
  4. Gold Coast
  5. Newcastle
  6. Perth
  7. Canberra
  8. London
  9. Sunshine Coast
  10. Adelaide
  11. Singapore
    (Note: We’re sneaking in an 11th city, because of the exciting coffee culture boom going on in Singapore!)

TOP 5 MOST POPULAR Countries for Coffee

  1. Australia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Singapore
  4. Hong Kong
  5. New Zealand

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout 2012. We’ve got some huge updates coming in 2013 (the biggest we’ve ever done), so stay tuned for some exciting news. To stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our email list.

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  • Nicky Jurd

    This proves Australia is *nuts* about coffee :) Congrats to D&D, they’re my favourite cafe too.

  • beanhunter

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    Disqus, Jan 07 03:20 pm (EST)

  • Lauren Heineck

    Great work this year! Really surprised not to see any US cities on the International radar – Portland, Seattle, SF, NY, Chicago, some big names in the coffee industry. Or maybe that was so 2009? In my new hometown of Barcelona, there are some strong new players on the market as well.

  • Sylvia Tong

    Nothing from italy? what about their espresso?

  • Daniel Birkner

    Have been recently to Knockbox in Hong KOng, they really deliver good stuff. As well as Flat white in London. The rest I still have to check out. Thanks for listing up all these!

  • A. Bosker

    The Birds and the Beans Espresso Bar on the Sunshine Coast has already made a name for themselves and they are only in their first year! Passion, dedication and humility about a product that they love sets them apart from the others!

  • H. Limm

    on what basis the top 5 most popular countries for coffee ranked on?
    nothing from Italy, France, not even countries which coffee was massively produced. Brazil or Indonesia maybe?

  • Travis Megale

    Does the top 25 (all in Australia) mean that these are the top 25 cafes in the world and that are all located in Australia? A few people I’ve spoken to are confused by what exactly that list means.

  • oren

    Dose coffee is very good but whoever wrote it has a very limited view and is not very objective. Needs to travel the world a bit farther than Australia.

  • Nathan Campbell

    I’m pretty sure, for the benefit of the people in the comments who don’t seem to get it – that this is the top 25 cafes on Beanhunter the site/app, as rated by aggregate from its pool of users.

    Great list too, and a great app…

  • Fleur Cassidy

    What about poor old Perth?

  • Jo

    Perth – 6th best city for coffee but not one coffee shop in the Top 25!

  • Richard Curtis

    Every ‘best of’ list will have its detractors but what’s the bean hunter demographic that’s been sampled for this popularity contest? I can appreciate that Oz has been a leader in third wave coffee but given that per capita consumption in this country is ranked 43rd in the world it’s hard to swallow much of these results without copious amounts of sugar. What’s the point in posting a list like this if it’s sampled from what appears to be such a minority of coffee drinkers? Nothing from heavyweights Portland, Seattle, Copenhagen, Oslo, Rome, Bologna, Paris, etc. Also, no producer countries represented. It’s all a bit ‘cliquey’ if you ask me. I doubt enough of us have traveled so extensively as to have an opinion on the world’s best coffee cities. It may have been a better approach to ask similar questions of a goodly sized sample of industry insiders, say 20 or so, who have actually done at least some of the coffee circuit, so as to obtain a more objective sample. I suppose this provides a lot of site visibility for bean hunter…not all is lost.

  • Australia

    **The link to The Baron is wrong, points to a different cafe**

    Great list, I have been to a couple of these and looking forward to hunting down a few that I haven’t.

  • Podcafe

    So glad to see Dandeloin and Driftwood at the top of the list! Last time I was there I had to have 4 cups, just to try each of their amazing blends! The caramel waffles in between werent too bad either ;)


  • PodCafe

    Australia really does have a strong coffee culture! and it is great to see a brizzie cafe at the top of the list. Our climate has probably left us a few years behind our southern friends, but we have definitely caught up!

    Simon –