Beanhunter Coffee Club – Niccolo Coffee

The founder of Niccolo, Nicholas Bolton, once had a crazy idea about coffee. Ever since, Davide Drummond has been bringing it to life, however, Davide Drummond couldn’t possibly do this alone. So, he works in a team with Managing Director Steve Rowley (of Frank Body, Left Field, Tall Timber and Coin Laundry fame), Bertie Sulpizi the head roaster, Dylan Alexander, the project manager and of course, Niccolo’s baristas, technicians and all sorts of other helping hands.

In 2008 the Niccolo team set out to create a modern coffee that captured both the attention of the third wave movement, but also remained traditional enough to where it still tastes like coffee. ‘It sounds obvious, or even cliché, however at that time the coffee movement was progressing rapidly towards highly acidic alternative profiles that, in our opinion, lost the essence of the morning coffee. Enter Niccolo.’

‘We see ourselves occupying the space in the market between the two extremes of an ultra-boutique roaster and a traditional Italian style roaster. It’s a flavor profile that breaks the norm, yet stays away from the extremes. We’re experimental where it matters, however you’re always going to know the coffee you wake up to.’

Niccolo simply wants to share their love and passion for coffee. ‘We Love Coffee. Hopefully we can bring people into our world for a few minutes every day to see what that means.’ Their plan is to continue sharing this passion, being involved as closely as they can with all of their customers, and keep creating new exciting products; so keep an eye out for upcoming collaborations Niccolo are working on.

‘The ends justify the means. We do a whole lot of work from coffee berry to cup so that our treasured customers can enjoy us for just a moment. It’s definitely worth the effort.’

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:

Niccolo House Blend

There is a red earthy coloured crema not seen on any other blends with a very floral aroma. On the front palate there are chocolate and hazelnut notes and on the back palate there are citrus (orange skin) and berry (dark berries) notes. The espresso is easy to drink, soft and well balanced. Honeycomb notes are released when pouring milk on the espresso for a caffe latte, flat white, magic and a cappuccino making the Niccolo House Blend unique and versatile.

100% Arabica, Medium Roast
Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Timor and India.

Nueve Aguas – Guatemala
Region – Purulha, Low Verapaz, Coban
Altitude – 1400m-1600m
Variety – Caturra
Process – Fully washed, patio dried
Tasting notes:
Caramel, chocolate and apricot in aroma, tropical fruits, citrus, brown sugar sweetness, bright apple acidity and medium juicy body.