Beanhunter Coffee Club – Code Black Coffee

Established in 2012 Code Black Coffee began solely as a roastery only roasting single origins to supply cafes but Code Black has been growing ever since.

Joseph Haddad is the brains behind it all. He is the one who nurtured the company from a small roastery with a 12kg Probat to a roastery and cafe. This eventually lead to the opening of a new head quarters in which they hosted the 2013 Victorian Barista Championships on their opening day. From 2013 onwards the Code Black team have been creating blends and focusing more on wholesale to further their growth.

The team at Code Black Coffee consists of Joseph Haddad the owner, Archie Chiu who is head of quality control and oversees the whole operation, Zenki Ho who runs the daily roasting schedules and Sam Low who is also part of quality control and is a coffee trainer. Code Black’s head roaster is Allan Yeh who is in charge of sourcing and purchasing the green coffee. Allan also makes sure every roast is perfect by pulling as much potential from each and every coffee that Code Black sources.

All the team members work together to ensure that Code Black’s objectives are achieved. Their main focus is to have an outstanding quality of coffee, finding their flaws and fixing them as well as finding their strengths and using them to their advantage. Code Black also strives to make specialty coffee approachable to everyone whether you are already in the coffee industry or you simply can’t live without coffee.

Code Black Coffee are invested in the lifestyle of coffee, forever breaking down the complexities of specialty coffee to make it a lifestyle everyone can live, giving people an opportunity to drink great coffee on the daily. In the future the team is looking to build new relationships and stronger relationships with producers and farmers so they can truly push the quality of their coffee to absolute perfection as Code Black Coffee grows.

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:


3056 Blend
‘3056 is the postcode for the Code Black Roastery, and it also represent our signature blend. It is a medium roast, and its slick malty profile means it it can be used for both milk and espresso. We love this blend with it’s beautiful rounded sweetness and balanced citrus flavours; an excellent blend anytime, anywhere.’

Guatemala Rio Azul – Washed

Brazil Black Diamond – Natural

Ethiopia Limu – Washed

Tasting notes: Stewed plum & citrus, peanut butter with vanilla malt & milk chocolate


Colombia Edilma Piedrahita
Edilma is the leader of a group of approx 30 producers (among whom is her COE winning brother Libardo) called “Guacheros”, based around Bruselas, near Pitalito, Southern Huila. Her coffee is at 1670 masl.’

‘The group members have both taken it upon themselves to learn how to be the most ecological producers possible (via study at the SENA, a Colombia local government initiative), using lots of compost for the plants with a greatly reduced amount of conventional fertilisers. Their control against la roya is organic only.’

‘Edilma has a small amount of bourbon (yellow) and also caturra, alongside some typica and tabi too. The lot that we purchased is a mix of her three parcels (mostly caturra) and was dried over 12-15 days. She floated the cherries first to remove overripe and underripes cherries (those that slipped through despite their excellent picking selectiveness), then fermented without water for 24 hours and washed well before being put to the drier.’

‘Using some of her advanced processing taught her by the SENA she has also conducted anaerobic fermentation experiments to assess potential of this method, including measuring the Brix of cherries and fermentation.’

Tasting notes: Sweet navel orange & honey

Don’t forget to visit Code Black Coffee at 15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056!

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!