Beanhunter Coffee Club – Rosso Roasting Co.

The Beanhunter Coffee Club invites you to enjoy a cup with roasters hailing from Tullamarine, Rosso Roasting Co. Head Roaster, Ramez Abdulnour started the Rosso Roasting Co in 2005 in pursuit of formulating an honest blend that would excite those who were graduating from second wave coffee and capture the attention of coffee aficionados. After many months of trial and error the Rosso blend is the result of this goal Ramez set out to achieve. As well as roasting a variety of single origins, the team also puts their efforts in to creating one blend that is the most consistent and desired flavour profile possible. We believe that it is important that people know what they are going to taste in the cup when they see our brand. “We are making specialty coffee approachable and in reach of those wanting to expand their palate,” explained Ramez.



Currently the coffee is available at a number of cafes including Drugstore Espresso (South Yarra), Mr Brownstone (Ashburton), Miss Alex & Co (Elwood), and Union St Brewers (Brunswick).
“We love the creativity involved in the process of roasting due to all the variables at play. Witnessing the joy and intrigue in coffee drinkers faces is so satisfying when drinking what you had just roasted. The thought of being able to be ignite this in people on a large scale drives us to constantly impress and improve,” explained Ramez.

This week the club is drinking…


El Molino de Santa Rita Estate

Tasting notes: Cooked raisins and strawberries upfront with a sticky, syrupy and heavy body. Winey acid with lingering dark chocolate and herbal notes in the finish

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude1350 metres above sea level


Rosso Blend

A blend of beans sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Rosso have crafted a smooth coffee blend that is well balanced, rich and full bodied with a level of complexity to excite the most discerning palette. This versatile blend makes a smooth espresso and rich milk based coffee.

Tasting notes – Caramel, Hazelnut, berries, light citrus acidity and spice leading to a dark chocolate finish.

Extraction – 23g in, 44g out in 26-28sec.


We hope you enjoy this week’s cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee- join today!