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In 2014 Benjamin Stronach and Natalie Kirwan opened the doors of The Queensberry Pour House in Melbourne after stumbling upon the location on a early morning bike ride through Carlton.This is where our featured roaster this week, Tin Man Coffee Roasters, came to life joining the fast pace coffee community ingrained in Melbourne’s culture.

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The Head roasters Benjamin Stronach, Natalie Kirwan and Hyunsuk Ko stand by being unique. “We believe every cup of coffee is a snowflake and should be celebrated for its uniqueness” and after 15 years of working with coffee Ben now simply hopes “to surprise and delight people with the coffee.”

At Tin Man Coffee Roasters they prefer to steer away from industry standards and instead focus on the ever-changing flavour and lifecycle of coffee. “We change the tasting notes and the way we roast and brew our coffees everyday – it’s an organic product. It’s alive. It changes season to season, day to day. It’s chaos but it’s beautiful.” Adding an individual flare to each roast and each cup of coffee they produce.

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The coffee you are drinking this week

Filter Roast:
Omni roast
“Best for filter black or espresso black”

Farm: Mwika North Farmer Group
Region: Moshi Rural, Lelo
Varietal: Bourbon, Nyasa
Process: Washed (organic)
Mail: 1400

Tasting notes: Blood orange, plum, agave.

Espresso roast:
The Backgammon Blend
“The Backgammon Blend is designed to be enjoyed both black or white.”

Guatemala 45 %
Farm: Renacimiento Co-Op
Region: Xojola, Solola
Varietal: Caturra + Catuai
Process: Washed
Masl: 1800

Kenya 45%
Farm: Gakayuini Washing Station
Region:Kirinyaga County
Varietal: SL 28 + SL 34
Process: Washed and Sundried on Raised Beds
Masl: 1500

Farm: Flores Grade 1
Region: Bajawa Highlands
Varietal: Typica
Process: Semi-washed
Masl: 1400

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, Spice and dried fruits

Visit The Queensberry Pour House at 210 Queensberry St, Carlton VIC 3053 but only on weekdays as the Tin Man Coffee Roasters spend their weekends roasting coffee, fresh and just for you. Thats dedication.

“You are a guest of nature. Behave.” – Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee- join today!