Beanhunter Coffee Club – The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink is a micro roaster, cafe, kitchen and retailer based in Carlton, Melbourne, where all you will find is the best of the best.

‘We source the best green coffee we can, we roast to bring out the best in the bean and we serve it with care and respect.’

Mike Cracknell is the mastermind behind The Vertue of the Coffee Drink and has 18 years of experience in hospitality under his belt as well as a monumental passion for coffee that only grows stronger as time goes on. Mike’s partner in crime at The Vertue of the Coffee Drink is Ciaran Ardren, the head roaster. The two enjoy experiencing all aspects of coffee –  the sourcing, the roasting, the brewing, the serving and all the challenges that come with the nature of coffee.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink are very open minded when it comes to coffee, not defining how coffee should be roasted, prepared or drunk but rather acknowledging that the perfect cup can be created and served many different ways. They strive to achieve excellence across the board with amazing coffee and customer service. ‘At The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, we endeavour to deliver the tastiest coffees without any pretentiousness, whether you’re new to coffee or a seasoned professional.’

When it comes to choosing coffee, Mike and Ciaran have no rules. ‘We love both coffees that are typical of their region, and completely different to what you’d expect’ however they have a weakness for natruals and African coffees in particular so you may see them featuring these beans quite often in between showcases of a range of other beans.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink are always working on improving their relationship with the all important farmers and by moving further into the wholesale market they hope to be able to spend much more time focusing on building a more direct relationship with the farmers at origin to ensure the only coffee we, the customers are getting, is the best of the best.

’Life is too short for bad coffee!’

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:


Sabertooth Blend
‘Our classic house blend, a mixture of Brazilian and Colombian coffees, with a bright sweet natural Ethiopia Sidamo called Melika to finish.’

Tasting Notes: peanut brittle, apricot nectar, candied orange, smooth malt, milk chocolate finish


Rwanda Gatare
‘Over the last couple of years, we’ve developed a bit of a preference for Western Province Rwandans, and for the season just past, we’ve really loved the light, complex sweet flavours from coffees grown in the Nyamsheke district, we are pleased to bring you Gatare from the Macuba Sector, a classic washed Red Bourbon grown between 1800 and 2000 masl.’

Tasting Notes: dried berries, hibiscus & jasmine, black tea, apple acidity, sweet muscatel & toffee

You can visit The Vertue of the Coffee Drink at 8 Raffa Place Carlton, Victoria 3053

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!