As we kick off another big year in coffee, we thought it would be fun to look at what were the most popular cafes on Beanhunter in 2012. These aren’t necessarily the highest rated, but the cafes that were the most popular by our users. So we crunched a heap of data (like the number of reviews, pageviews, favourites, photos, and much more) and you can see the results below. Perhaps the best resolution for 2013 would be to visit them all!

25 MOST POPULAR Cafes (all from Australia!)

  1. Dandelion & Driftwood (Brisbane)
  2. Proud Mary (Melbourne)
  3. Coffee Alchemy (Sydney)
  4. Canteen Coffee (Gold Coast)
  5. No Name Lane (Gold Coast)
  6. Cartel Roasters (Geelong)
  7. The Good Bean Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)
  8. The Baron Coffee Shop and Small Bar (Sydney)
  9. Axil Coffee Roasters (Melbourne)
  10. The Birds & The Beans Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)
  11. Brother Baba Budan (Melbourne)
  12. Cup Specialty Coffee (Brisbane)
  13. Black Coffee Lyrics (Gold Coast)
  14. Dose (Sydney)
  15. Clandestino Roasters (Sunshine Coast)
  16. Seven Seeds (Melbourne)
  17. One Penny Black (Newcastle)
  18. Oak Room (Melbourne)
  19. Bean Drinking (Sydney)
  20. Dead Man Espresso (Melbourne)
  21. Blackboard Coffee (Gold Coast)
  22. Elk Espresso (Gold Coast)
  23. Barefoot Barista (Gold Coast)
  24. Cup of Truth (Melbourne)
  25. Dark Horse Espresso (Newcastle)

Amongst the 25 most popular cafes, almost half roast their own beans. There were also some common names amongst the Top 25 that roast for other cafes, including Seven Seeds (Melbourne), Blackstar (West End, Brisbane), Cartel (Geelong), Axil (Melbourne), and Cup (West End, Brisbane) featuring more than once. With regards to equipment manufacturers of espresso machines, La Marzocco was the most frequent (almost half of the the top 25) with Synesso following a close second. There were a few Slayers thrown in for good measure too! Internationally, here’s the ten most popular:

10 MOST POPULAR International Cafes

  1. Anomali Coffee (Bali)
  2. Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar (Singapore)
  3. Knockbox Coffee Company (Hong Kong)
  4. Toby’s Estate Singapore (Singapore)
  5. Coutume Cafe (Paris)
  6. Flat White (London)
  7. Kaffeine (London)
  8. Cafe Corridor (Hong Kong)
  9. Grind On High (Auckland)
  10. Grind Coffee Bar (London)

TOP 10 MOST POPULAR Cities in the World for Coffee

  1. Melbourne
  2. Brisbane
  3. Sydney
  4. Gold Coast
  5. Newcastle
  6. Perth
  7. Canberra
  8. London
  9. Sunshine Coast
  10. Adelaide
  11. Singapore
    (Note: We’re sneaking in an 11th city, because of the exciting coffee culture boom going on in Singapore!)

TOP 5 MOST POPULAR Countries for Coffee

  1. Australia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Singapore
  4. Hong Kong
  5. New Zealand

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout 2012. We’ve got some huge updates coming in 2013 (the biggest we’ve ever done), so stay tuned for some exciting news. To stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our email list.