Beanhunter Coffee Club – Atomica Coffee

Atomica Coffee began when Toli Avgerinos moved back to Melbourne after a stint of making coffee in Santorini. Toli’s first café was at the Parahan market in 1991. After noticing a lack of lack of flavour and depth in the beans, he began to experiment with his own roasts. Shortly after Atomica Coffee was born. In a small café in Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Toli began importing green beans and roasting on site. Continue reading “Beanhunter Coffee Club – Atomica Coffee”

Beanhunter Coffee Club – Niccolo Coffee

The founder of Niccolo, Nicholas Bolton, once had a crazy idea about coffee. Ever since, Davide Drummond has been bringing it to life, however, Davide Drummond couldn’t possibly do this alone. So, he works in a team with Managing Director Steve Rowley (of Frank Body, Left Field, Tall Timber and Coin Laundry fame), Bertie Sulpizi the head roaster, Dylan Alexander, the project manager and of course, Niccolo’s baristas, technicians and all sorts of other helping hands. Continue reading “Beanhunter Coffee Club – Niccolo Coffee”

Beanhunter Coffee Club – Tin Man Coffee Roasters

In 2014 Benjamin Stronach and Natalie Kirwan opened the doors of The Queensberry Pour House in Melbourne after stumbling upon the location on a early morning bike ride through Carlton.This is where our featured roaster this week, Tin Man Coffee Roasters, came to life joining the fast pace coffee community ingrained in Melbourne’s culture. Continue reading “Beanhunter Coffee Club – Tin Man Coffee Roasters”