Beanhunter Coffee Club – Rosso Roasting Co.

The Beanhunter Coffee Club invites you to enjoy a cup with roasters hailing from Tullamarine, Rosso Roasting Co. Head Roaster, Ramez Abdulnour started the Rosso Roasting Co in 2005 in pursuit of formulating an honest blend that would excite those who were graduating from second wave coffee and capture the attention of coffee aficionados. After many months of trial and error the Rosso blend is the result of this goal Ramez set out to achieve. As well as roasting a variety of single origins, the team also puts their efforts in to creating one blend that is the most consistent and desired flavour profile possible. We believe that it is important that people know what they are going to taste in the cup when they see our brand. “We are making specialty coffee approachable and in reach of those wanting to expand their palate,” explained Ramez.



Currently the coffee is available at a number of cafes including Drugstore Espresso (South Yarra), Mr Brownstone (Ashburton), Miss Alex & Co (Elwood), and Union St Brewers (Brunswick).
“We love the creativity involved in the process of roasting due to all the variables at play. Witnessing the joy and intrigue in coffee drinkers faces is so satisfying when drinking what you had just roasted. The thought of being able to be ignite this in people on a large scale drives us to constantly impress and improve,” explained Ramez.

This week the club is drinking…


El Molino de Santa Rita Estate

Tasting notes: Cooked raisins and strawberries upfront with a sticky, syrupy and heavy body. Winey acid with lingering dark chocolate and herbal notes in the finish

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude1350 metres above sea level


Rosso Blend

A blend of beans sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Rosso have crafted a smooth coffee blend that is well balanced, rich and full bodied with a level of complexity to excite the most discerning palette. This versatile blend makes a smooth espresso and rich milk based coffee.

Tasting notes – Caramel, Hazelnut, berries, light citrus acidity and spice leading to a dark chocolate finish.

Extraction – 23g in, 44g out in 26-28sec.


We hope you enjoy this week’s cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee- join today! 



Beanhunter Coffee Club – ST ALi Coffee Roasters

“Good, better, best. Some people are fine with being just good at something, we want to be the best. From the green coffee we buy, to how it’s stored and roasted. There is no point doing things in halves.”

ST ALi  was started by Mark Dundon in 2005 and purchased by Salvatore Malatesta in 2007 which is when ST ALi  really started to grow. They started out roasting right inside their cafe but moved across the street to accommodate their growth and now they are roasting out of their Port Melbourne headquarters.

The ST ALi  team is what makes them unique. The team consists of Andy Todd the head roaster, Lucy Ward the procurement strategist and a whole rage of other characters. Coffee geeks, designers, punk rockers, artists and surfers all working together to bring you the best of the best.

In the future expect to see ST ALi everywhere. Since opening ST ALi  Jakarta the team are working tirelessly to open ST ALi  Bali in early 2017 and have many plans to expand even further.

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:


‘For our espresso we choose to send out our Sterling blend its made up of 50% Colombia Condor San Agustin, 25% Colombia Condor Rioclaro and 25% Kenya Karimi Kirinyaga AA.’

Tasting notes: Sparkling lemon acidity with candied orange sweetness and a ripe stone fruit finish.


‘For filter we choose a Caturra from Finca La Bella in Guatemala, its a cracking washed coffee.’

‘Finca La Bella is located in the south of the Sierra de Las Minas region in eastern Guatemala. This is a beautiful part of Guatemala with most of the Sierra de Las Minas designated as a national park and with biosphere status. The practices on the farm reflect the care that the wider community has for the area: water is conserved and recycled, the coffee trees are shaded under two levels of canopy to help preserve the wildlife diversity, and all coffee pulp (the fruit of the cherry that is removed during processing) is collected and turned into nutrient rich soil by the farm’s wormery which is then used in the coffee nursery beds.’

Tasting notes: Notes of pear, dark chocolate and a complex red wine finish.

Don’t forget to check out ST ALi Coffee Roasters at 12-18 Yarra Place South Melbourne!

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!

Is Coffee Making You Anxious?

It’s fair to say the world has had an anxious year. Between David Bowie and Donald Trump, we could all use a bit of a lie down.

We tend to use coffee as a bit of a coping mechanism. We drink it to wake up, to get over a hangover, to perk up before a meeting if we’re feeling low. It’s a bit of a catch-all – but could our coffee habits be making our anxiety even worse?

During a particularly tumultuous year, it’s probably worth checking to see if our coffee habit could be doing us in.

The main ingredient that could be causing you trouble is, of course, caffeine. We’ve already explored how too much caffeine can be bad for you, but what are the links between caffeine and anxiety?

First up: caffeine is essentially stress in chemical form.

When you consume caffeine, your body responds by increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones. It’s telling your body to act as though there is a threat – so it increases your senses and keeps you on alert.

In small doses? This is fine. But when you begin to take too much of it, it can be a problem.

There’s another problem. Caffeine cuts off your brain from something called GABA – a chemical that some scientists believe is distributed throughout the brain in order to reduce anxiety or stress. When you consume caffeine, your GABA can be cut off.

What does this mean? Essentially, every time you take caffeine not only are you telling your brain that it needs to be alert, but you cut out the opportunity for the brain to calm itself down.

It’s important to remember that coffee, on its own, can’t magically cause you to have anxiety. There’s no special chemical within caffeine that can cause anxiousness. Instead, what it can do is amplify anxiety signals that are already present and do a good job of mimicking that anxiety.

So, if you’re already quite anxious about anything – your job, your relationships, the state of the world in general – and you’re chugging down on coffee, it’s probably not going to help you calm down.

If that’s you, and you find yourself jittery and nervous, try doing a few things to calm yourself down:

  • Drink less coffee. You don’t need to give it up altogether, but think about cutting back by a cup or two. You could notice a difference pretty quickly.
  • Change the time of the day you drink. While this won’t have any chemical effect, it could change how you feel. Drinking in the afternoon, for instance, rather than in the morning when you’re stressed about getting to work could help you out.
  • Drink coffee every other day. Again, you don’t have to give it up. But if you’re finding anxiety too overwhelming, maybe try going one day off, and then another day on again. It couldn’t hurt to try.

Remember, it’s important to know that coffee doesn’t cause anxiety. But it could be making your anxiety worse. Understand the role coffee plays in your diet, and you’ll be pretty equipped to handle any negative effects.

Beanhunter Coffee Club – Code Black Coffee

Established in 2012 Code Black Coffee began solely as a roastery only roasting single origins to supply cafes but Code Black has been growing ever since.

Joseph Haddad is the brains behind it all. He is the one who nurtured the company from a small roastery with a 12kg Probat to a roastery and cafe. This eventually lead to the opening of a new head quarters in which they hosted the 2013 Victorian Barista Championships on their opening day. From 2013 onwards the Code Black team have been creating blends and focusing more on wholesale to further their growth.

The team at Code Black Coffee consists of Joseph Haddad the owner, Archie Chiu who is head of quality control and oversees the whole operation, Zenki Ho who runs the daily roasting schedules and Sam Low who is also part of quality control and is a coffee trainer. Code Black’s head roaster is Allan Yeh who is in charge of sourcing and purchasing the green coffee. Allan also makes sure every roast is perfect by pulling as much potential from each and every coffee that Code Black sources.

All the team members work together to ensure that Code Black’s objectives are achieved. Their main focus is to have an outstanding quality of coffee, finding their flaws and fixing them as well as finding their strengths and using them to their advantage. Code Black also strives to make specialty coffee approachable to everyone whether you are already in the coffee industry or you simply can’t live without coffee.

Code Black Coffee are invested in the lifestyle of coffee, forever breaking down the complexities of specialty coffee to make it a lifestyle everyone can live, giving people an opportunity to drink great coffee on the daily. In the future the team is looking to build new relationships and stronger relationships with producers and farmers so they can truly push the quality of their coffee to absolute perfection as Code Black Coffee grows.

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:


3056 Blend
‘3056 is the postcode for the Code Black Roastery, and it also represent our signature blend. It is a medium roast, and its slick malty profile means it it can be used for both milk and espresso. We love this blend with it’s beautiful rounded sweetness and balanced citrus flavours; an excellent blend anytime, anywhere.’

Guatemala Rio Azul – Washed

Brazil Black Diamond – Natural

Ethiopia Limu – Washed

Tasting notes: Stewed plum & citrus, peanut butter with vanilla malt & milk chocolate


Colombia Edilma Piedrahita
Edilma is the leader of a group of approx 30 producers (among whom is her COE winning brother Libardo) called “Guacheros”, based around Bruselas, near Pitalito, Southern Huila. Her coffee is at 1670 masl.’

‘The group members have both taken it upon themselves to learn how to be the most ecological producers possible (via study at the SENA, a Colombia local government initiative), using lots of compost for the plants with a greatly reduced amount of conventional fertilisers. Their control against la roya is organic only.’

‘Edilma has a small amount of bourbon (yellow) and also caturra, alongside some typica and tabi too. The lot that we purchased is a mix of her three parcels (mostly caturra) and was dried over 12-15 days. She floated the cherries first to remove overripe and underripes cherries (those that slipped through despite their excellent picking selectiveness), then fermented without water for 24 hours and washed well before being put to the drier.’

‘Using some of her advanced processing taught her by the SENA she has also conducted anaerobic fermentation experiments to assess potential of this method, including measuring the Brix of cherries and fermentation.’

Tasting notes: Sweet navel orange & honey

Don’t forget to visit Code Black Coffee at 15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056!

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!

Top Cafes of 2016

It’s been a big year for Beanhunter. We’ve had over 30,000 reviews added to the platform, we’ve launched a brand new iPhone app and website and had record engagement from cafe owners and our growing community.

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016, voted by real coffee lovers.

Here are the winning cafes!














Congratulations to all of the winning cafes and thank you to the Beanhunter community.

Beanhunter Coffee Club – Five Senses Coffee

Intent, clarity and consistency are the three words that power Five Senses Coffee. Each of their coffees is selected with clear intent based on what they want to present and once their focus is clear the beans are roasted to perfection. As for consistency, Fives Senses have it down to a science.

‘Our logistics and QC using roast data logging, colour grading and endless cuppings turn out coffees that baristas can turn into predictably delicious brews again and again.’


Five Senses Coffee has a rather large team beginning at Dean Gallagher, the man who started it all in 2000. Pervious to working with coffee Dean was a school principal in the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea but quickly fell deeply in love with coffee. This then lead him to a complete career change effortlessly falling into the speciality coffee world by simply teaching himself how to roast coffee beans. Dean created Five Senses to bring people together, to pull as much enjoyment from specialty coffee as he possibly could to share with his staff and customers.

The rest of the Five Senses team includes Jacob Ibarra Five Senses Director of Coffee who oversees the whole process from sourcing the beans through to brew recipes and lets not forget their head roasters, Damien Steponavicius from Melbourne and Jay Holland from their Perth team. These two ensure that all the roasts follow the same approach to create the perfect brew. ‘Develop the coffee enough to bring balance and not so far as to dampen nuance or mask inherent origin character with a roast character.’


Five Senses Coffee is on quite the journey, starting at their first roastery in Melbourne which was later followed by training academies in Melbourne, Perth and most recently Sydney. An integral part to Five Senses Coffee is educating people as they believe  ‘the better the knowledge out there about coffee, the stronger the entire specialty community will become’ so growing their training academies is a huge priority on Five Senses horizon with big plans to come in 2017. They are launching their new season of Curated Cuppings, a free, open-door monthly education workshop at each of the Academies that will cover everything from water impacting on brewing through to in depth focuses on origin countries. Five Senses Coffee have many things to come so keep a watchful eye on them to see whats next!

‘Coffee is an incredible drink – not only is it nourished with flavour and character but it also has a powerful ability to connect people. Whether that be just across the table as they catch up for a morning coffee or a greater empathy with other cultures and communities on the other side of the globe. Helping people to create and celebrate these connections with a delicious coffee in hand is pretty inspiring.’

Don’t forget to visit Five Senses Coffee at 1/47 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham, Victoria!

This week with the Beanhunter Coffee Club you will be drinking:

Karatina AA:

‘We’re pretty excited to bring both filter and espresso lovers this freshly launched coffee, the result of our first direct sourcing trip to Kenya earlier in the year. The Karatina factory(or mill) is synonymous around the specialty coffee world with quality. One of the oldest factories in the lauded Nyeri producing county feeding into the Barichu Farmers’ Cooperative Society, this highest grade AA coffee is a mix of SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11 varietals from small holder farmers.’

‘In the cup, it’s everything we dream of from Kenya. Pungent, raspberry-cola and fruit punch flavours dominate the senses before they settle into perfect Balance in a rich, jammy body. We know you’ll fall in love with this coffee as much as we did!’

Producer: Small holder farmers of the Barichu FCS,

Region: Nyeri, Kenya

Variety: SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11

Altitude: 1700masl

Processing: Double fermentation washed

Tasting Notes: Raspberry cola and fruit punch with an intense jammy body

We hope you enjoy this week’s featured cup. The Beanhunter Coffee Club is the best way to discover amazing coffee – join today!